Welcome to NJ Decoy Collectors Association, Inc.


The NJ Decoy Collectors Association. Inc. was formed as a group for the continuous discussion of contemporary and vintage decoys focusing, but not limited to, New Jersey Decoys and Carvers as well as Collectibles.  A primary goal of the group is to promote an interest in the carving of decoys and the hobby of decoy collecting.  By  sharing the stories of the history of waterfowl carving for sport and as a specialized cultural craft, we encourage learning about today’s contemporary Carvers and those from a long history of this craft that has created this unique art form.   Introducing decoys to new collectors and providing a forum that is conducive to learning Decoy history is our goal. 

Here are photos that represent our club members and activities/events from 2022. 

Photo Legend: 

1) Member Art Birdsall, carving

2) Nancee Jo Luciani receiving 2022 NJDCA “You Made A Difference Award

3) 2022 NJDCA Annual Exhibit and Sale at Seaview Gold Club;

4) NJDCA May Club Meeting Contest Display

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