The purpose of the New Jersey decoy Collectors Association is to promote the hobby of decoy collecting. Introducing decoys to new collectors and providing an environment conductive to learning decoy history is our goal.

  • Article II Meetings
    • Section 1. General Membership Meetings
      • A. A quorum shall be 10% of the membership and said quorum shall be required to conduct a general membership meeting
      • B. There will be nine general membership meetings per year. The president shall preside at all meetings and in his / her absence order will follow as listed in Article V Section 1 of the By-Laws
      • C. Order of BusinessCall to order
        Secretary / Treasurer’s report – discussion and approval
        President’s report
        Standing Committee reports
        Special Committee reports
        Old Business
        New Business
        Good and Welfare
  • Article II Duties of Officers
    • Section 1. President – shall serve as coordinator of all officers and appointee of committee chairpersons. that may be required as the need will rise. This person shall be the official representative or the club.
    • Section 2. Secretary / Treasurer – shall record all minutes of all meetings and handle all N.J.D.C.A. correspondence. Each year on or about April 1st the Secretary / Treasurer and the President shall publish a roster of the membership