2022 NJDCA Membership Application

To receive monthly Newsletter “The Watchgander,”  you must first become a paid member of the New Jersey Decoy Collectors Association.  Once paid, you will be placed on either an E-mail list to receive your newsletter or you can opt-in to receive a hard copy of the monthly Watchgander in the mail.

Please Open then Print the NJDCA Membership Application below.  Complete the form and select an annual member fee and send it along with your payment by check or money order (sorry no credit or debit cards) to pay for your annual dues.  You will be added to the NJDCA Newsletter mailing list and receive “The Watchgander” every month for news, articles of interest and even information to keep you informed about activities for members of the NJDCA.  Important:  There is NO Watchgander in December so you will receive 11 months of club news.

NJDCA Membership Form Update and Upload is pending:  Call 609-203-0541 or email to  to receive the current 2022 NJDCA Membership Application via email

PHONE: 609-298-2140


Or use the following form to send us an email: